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How Bruker’s broad range of analytical systems strongly supports the pharmaceutical industry in developing new or optimized drugs and biopharmaceuticals.

The pharmaceutical industry creates and improves a broad variety of innovative drugs including customized and biopharma medications and therapies. Thus, there is a strong need for advanced and efficient screening methods that provide fast success in pharmaceutical research, biopharmaceutical development, as well as Drug Discovery and Development.

Moreover, Bruker offers a Tandembroad range of high performance systems for a faster, more reliable analysis method both throughout their research and development centers and within the manufacturing process. Today, Bruker serves many needs of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, ranging from Quality Control to Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), by implementing spectroscopic solutions

Introducing Bruker’s new BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer:

Outstanding performance and design, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) supported by a large touch screen – BRAVO is the dedicated handheld Raman solution that speeds up your raw materials identification at a maximum.Bravo_PharmaTechFocus_March2016

  • SSETM – Patented fluorescence mitigation
  • Duo LASERTM excitation
  • IntelliTipTM – Automated measuring tip recognition
  • Laser class 1M
  • Intuitive and guided touch screen operation
  • Automated batch scan reporting
  • Inbuilt wavenumber calibration
  • Robust and precise optics
  • Wireless data exchange
  • Complies with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

BRAVO gives the ability for raw material verification by Raman spectroscopy into everybody’s hands. Be guided straightforward through a reasoned workflow while simply touching icons on a large touch screen. Additionally, the user interface will support you in 17 different languages in parallel. Good to know: as a laser class 1M product the operation of BRAVO does not require any laser safety equipment.

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