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Bruker offers easy, reliable and cost effective solutions to measure milk and dairy products of various types and consistency.

Controlling and improving product quality to assure consumer health is of foremost importance to the milk and dairy producers, in all phases of the production chain. Bruker’s MPA Multi Purpose FT-NIR analyzers can be equipped to handle and measure various types of samples in an optimal way.

Just one instrument can ensure the control of liquid, solid and paste-like materials of any consistency. All relevant quality parameters can be analyzed cost-effectively, ensuring fast quality control along the stages of production.

From Raw Milk to Dairy Products


Bruker’s MPA FT-NIR analyzer can analyze any raw material, intermediate product and final product along the production chain, including:

  • raw & standardized milk
  • whey & whey concentrate
  • cream & butter
  • yogurt & milk drinks
  • ice cream & desserts
  • hard & soft cheese
  • milk & whey powders
  • lactose & whey protein concentrateLSM_web

Common parameters which can be determined in various dairy products include fat, protein, lactose, total solids as well as more specific parameters. A set of starter calibrations is available for a quick and efficient start.

Liquid Sampling Module

Bruker offers in combination with the well-known MPA spectrometer a software assisted analysis for liquid milk samples.

The Liquid Sampling Module (LSM) is dual use: It pumps and homogenizes raw milk samples, but can also bypass the homogenizer for other sample types. It can handle sample forms with different viscosities from whey to ice cream premix. With its automated cleaning options, it is ideal for routine use in the dairy lab.

MPA Simply ONE FTNIR for Dairy Brochure

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