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WEBINAR: Feed Mill Operations Improvement Using FT-NIR Spectroscopy

John Smillie, Manager at Canadian Feed Research Centre
Dean Roberts, Business Manager in Agriculture, Food and Feed Markets – Bruker Optics
Howard Eubanks, Business Development Manager in Feed & Grain – Bruker Optics

See why Fourier Transformation-NIR can safely make the difference between good and great progress. This mathematical technique is easily applied and accessed by anyone using a PC with Microsoft Excel software or FT-NIR technology.

Join us for this exclusive webinar to learn straight forward methods for: early detection and elimination of manufacturing faults, setting new standards, and moving closer to feed mill production targets by using FT-NIR technology to supply more information, automate responses, and stay within the mill’s man-hour budget.
• How to correctly establish sampling frequency
• How to obtain consistently accurate information at high data rates
• Practical applications to implement now
• Emerging applications to watch for

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WEBINAR: Matrix-F – The Big Fix for Feed Mill Operations

Howard Eubanks, Business Developement Manager – Feed and Grain – Bruker Optics, Inc.

The rational economic use of feedstuffs to produce poultry, fish, meat and milk has evolved from small farm operations to large scale industrial production. Today, large scale highly capitalized feed operations are under increasing stress as feed ingredient price escalation and volatility add substantial operating risk. The Matrix F FT-NIR Feed Analyzer can be used to protect operating margins by more reliably and economically blending feed ingredients to meet animal requirements. Ingredient buyers, nutritionists, and vegetarians can now access a tool for better control.

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WEBINAR: Next Generation FT-NIR Spectroscopy – Black Box or Expert System?

John Richmond, Vice President NIR & Process Technology – Bruker Optics, Inc.

This webinar will explore many of the common myths and misinformation about modern NIR spectroscopy and explain clearly and concisely the following issues and how they relate to everyday analysis in the Agriculture, Feed and Food (AFF) sector:

  • Critical comparison between the different technologies employed
  • Comparison between digital and optical resolution
  • The importance of getting good signal to noise in your spectra and Good NIR Practice (GNP)
  • How to build Reliable, Rugged and Robust calibrations – the 3R’s
  • Transflectance versus Transmission – which is better for rendered fats and IV of oils & fats

This webinar will appeal to lab managers, researchers and analysts in the AFF market sector.

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WEBINAR: FT-NIR Based Optimization of Pet Food Manufacturing Processes

Presenter: Cynthia Kradjel, Business Development Manager – NIR- Bruker Optics

FT-NIR analyzers scan in seconds without sample preparation making it possible to literally test any sample any time. Analytical protocols start with qualifying suppliers and verifying that the incoming raw materials comply with specifications to ensure manufacturers are getting what they pay for. In addition, FT-NIR can screen for unexpected presence of synthetic adulterants in the incoming ingredients as a quality firewall to check that manufacturers are not getting “more” than they pay for. Certificates of Analysis (COA) report on only a few parameters whereas the FT-NIR spectral pattern can be used to monitor quality and consistency on a lot to lot basis.

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WEBINAR: FT-NIR Spectroscopy: Combining Performance, Precision, and Simplicity


Presenter: John Richmond – VP NIR & Process Technology – Bruker Optics

On Demand Webcast:

Simplicity. This is probably not the word that typically comes to mind when describing the combination of high precision Fourier Transform Near Infrared spectrometry (FT-NIR) and advanced chemometrics. What if a system existed that was not only as easy to use as your iPad or iPhone, but also enabled you to make rapid quantitative and qualitative measurements of products from pharmaceuticals to animal feed? This webcast will introduce a new FT-NIR instrument, with a low cost of ownership, that we believe can transform the way you currently analyze samples. We will present applications from the life sciences, chemical, polymer, feed, and food industries to demonstrate the accuracy and precision of the analysis in comparison with the primary methods. In addition, we will explain how to transfer data and existing calibration sets from older technology platforms, such as scanning monochromators, using advanced mathematical routines (i.e., piecewise-direct standardization). This applications-based presentation will take you through the entire process, from sample optimization and data collection, to developing your own multi-evaluation methods (or transferring existing calibrations), thus providing you with a sound knowledge base for implementing this system and enabling you to properly interpret the multivariate results.

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