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How Bruker’s agricultural analysis solutions help to maintain good health by exactly determining nutritional contents.

Different sorts of food and agricultural products may contain various concentrations of nutrients, ranging from trace amounts to percentage levels. While most of these nutrient concentrations are healthy, some can be toxic to humans or animals.

Bruker offers simple and effective nutrient testing solutions for the determination of nutritional elements in food and agricultural samples with routine and reliable nutrient analysis. All of our solutions enable fast, accurate and precise measurement of nutritional contents and concentrations from sub parts-per-trillion to high percentage ranges.

Animal Feed Testing

How Bruker contributes to better, safer and healthier animal feed by developing perfectly suited analytical feed testing solutions.

Animal feed quality is not only a vital matter of animal welfare. If is also essential for food quality and safety – being the key to growth and health, and thus to the economic success of the entire agricultural industry.

Bruker offers innovative analytical feed protection solutions to reliably and quickly diagnose animal feed of any quantity and consistency. They are perfectly suited for all testing purposes throughout the entire supply chain – from the production to the markets.

Introducing Bruker’s HTS-250 FT-NIR Autosampling System:
HTS 250_lowres

The HTS 250 FT-NIR autosampling system provides high capacity, high throughput analysis of ground, pelleted or solid samples using Bruker Optics’ Tango or Matrix-I FT-NIR spectrometers. The 250 sample capacity of the HTS-250, coupled with the capability to remove and reload as samples on each tray have been measured, allows continuous sample measurement throughout the day, and unattended overnight operation. Sample throughput (using typical FT-NIR measurement parameters) of more than 60 samples per hour in continuous operation greatly enhances the number of samples that can be measured in Corporate Central Laboratories, and in high volume contract laboratory operations. Smart Sample Tracking tm insures that each sample’s identity is fully maintained in the measurement and recording process, and is fully independent of the sample’s position in the autosampler. SST entirely eliminates the need to rigidly sequence samples to correlate spectral and quantitative results with the correct sample identification.

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