Article: New OSHA rules could challenge animal feed industry

Written: May 18, 2016 on

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published in the Federal Register a new reporting rule for employers that could pose challenges for the animal feed industry.

The regulation, which is effective August 20, 2016 — with phased-in data submissions starting in 2017 — would require employers for the first time to electronically report to OSHA their injury and illness records. In the past, injury and illness records were only accessible to OSHA during inspections.

Under the new provisions, OSHA plans to take that information and post it on the internet for public access and review. This represents a major and historic shift in how employer records are handled and how a company may be put in the spotlight as unsafe if your injury and illness records are taken out of context and mischaracterized.

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