Free Dairy Foods Webinar Sponsored and Presented by Bruker

Dairy Lab 2016 and Beyond: Lowest Operating Costs, Highest Repeatability, and Eliminate Sample Preparation MPA_D_dairy_products_lowres

Duration: 60 minutes

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Dean Roberts (Bruker): Director for NIR and Process Technologies, North America.

Ralph Hewitt (Bruker): Key Accounts Manager, North America

Balancing sample measurement frequency and laboratory operating costs is a challenge for many dairy plants. Older spectroscopic analyzers are able to determine multiple components in a single measurement, but are limited in the type of samples that can be analyzed, resulting in the need for multiple instruments. Having multiple instruments requires more laboratory space, increased operator training on multiple instruments and software, and increased instrument maintenance and calibration costs.

Bruker’s Simply ONETM FT-NIR is the world’s first dairy analyzer that can measure all liquids, powders, cultured products and solids on a single instrument, using the optimum measurement method for each sample type. Simply ONE FT-NIR delivers accuracy comparable to standard reference methods, and the best measurement repeatability in the industry. Simply ONE features unrivaled calibration stability, eliminating the need to constantly apply bias adjustments based on reference samples. Periodic maintenance is significantly reduced in both frequency and cost, and can be done by laboratory personnel.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How the Simply ONE FT-NIR compares to traditional analyzers and wet chemistry methods.
  • The benefits of Simply ONE compared to older technologies like FTIR and other NIR designs.
  • The types of samples that can be measured with the Simply ONE FT-NIR system.
  • The routine maintenance and why the Simply One has the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Implementing a multi-point Simply ONE FT-NIR for in-line measurement of unit operations for liquids, solids and cultured products.