FREE Dairy Foods Webinar sponsored by Bruker

Cultured Dairy Products Technology & Ingredient Innovations

Phillip S. Tong, Ph.D –  Professor, Dairy Products Technology Center California Polytechnic State University
Thierry Saint-Denis, Ph.D –  R&D Director Danone North America

Prof. Tong will review:

  • What consumers seek in dairy foods
  • How cultured milk products fit these consumer interests
  • The demand for high-protein and full-fat dairy foods
  • The challenges facing marketers and manufacturers.
  • The science and technology aiding the cultured products industry

Dr. Saint-Denis will present a case study of Dannon’s new Oikos Triple Zero yogurt, which has no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no fat. He’ll speak about:

  • Identifying opportunities in dairy-based foods
  • Developing and formulating the product
  • Selling the idea to retailers.
  • Manufacturing the yogurt
  • Adjusting to consumer feedback.

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