Article: “5 Harmful Ingredients That Might be Hiding in Your Pet’s Food

We know we have to be careful about what we give our pets and we Pet_foodtry to do right by them. In many cases, we spend more money on feeding our fur babies than we do on food for ourselves! We buy brands we know and trust and we don’t succumb to the falsehoods of advertising—we even read the ingredients on our pet’s food, right?

We know to look at the first few ingredients to see what the food is primarily composed of. Ideally, it should be something like chicken, turkey, beef or sweet potatoes and not meal or byproduct. We know what our fur babies need so the question then becomes: which ingredients are the bad ones? In recent news, there have been lawsuits involving brands we trust either having tainted food or flat out lying about their ingredients and some have accused that certain ingredients are actually harming our pets. Those are the ones we absolutely need to know about  right now!

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