News in the Dairy Industry

greek_yogurt_lowresChobani looks to new products to gain competitive edge

Yogurt for kids packed in pouches featuring Disney and Marvel characters and new varieties of its yogurt with ancient grains for adults are some of the newest offerings from Chobani as the yogurt maker looks to compete in the growing Greek yogurt market. “Flavor innovation is a big part of the specialness of our brand,” Chobani Chief Marketing and Brand Officer Peter McGuinness said. Read more on

Kraft files patent for high-protein cream cheese

Kraft Foods filed a patent in December for a high-protein cream cheese that retains the same smoothness, mouthfeel and spreadability of conventional cream cheese at both room temperature and under refrigeration. The new production method can be used to create cream cheese products with twice the protein of conventional cream cheese, Kraft’s scientists wrote in the filing. Read more on (France)

Parmalat buys Latin American cheese makers for $105M

Parmalat has reached an agreement to purchase a group of cheese producers in Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina and their network of 20 Mexican distribution sites in a deal worth $105 million, the company announced last week. The Italian dairy, a subsidiary of Lactalis, will also add the manufacturers’ brands to its portfolio, including Esmeralda, El Ciervo, Mariposa and La Campesina Holandesa. Read more on (France)