From Cow to Candy



Bruker exhibited at the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Confectionery Association (PMCA) 68th Annual Production Conference in Lancaster April 14th talking to confectionery suppliers and manufacturers about rapid testing methods for fat quality, protein, moisture and sugars. One of the hot topics was how to use Bruker technology to streamline compliance with the new Food, Safety and Modernization Act.


The star of the show however was Dundee Lady, pictured above with Cynthia Kradjel, Bruker Optics Business Development Manager.

Organized by the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania, (PDMP), Dundee Lady and two other cows attended the show to provide confectionery manufacturers with a tangible connection to the true source of the dairy-based ingredients that are added to confections. PDMP focus includes promoting the dairy industry to raise awareness of the positive production and safety of dairy products and to educate dairy producers on technologies to increase productivity and profitability.