Hands on Workshop at LSU using Bruker Instruments – Huge Success!


Bruker Corporation and LSU joined forces on June 25th and 26th at the LSU Campus for a one of a kind Technology and Training Symposium.  Hosted by Professor George Stanley and the Chemistry Department of LSU, and located in their brand new facility, The Chemistry and Materials Tower, this event was packed with education and training.

Over 50 attendees from across the southeastern U.S. came together.  Bruker provided presentations and workshops on a variety of the latest techniques and technologies with hands on access to the instruments housed in the new Chemistry and Materials Tower, that included:

  • High Field NMR for R&D and Heavy Industry
  • FT-NIR for Lab, In-line and At-line Analysis
  • TD-NMR for Specialized Market Segments
  • FT-IR for Polymer, Biologic and Forensic Analysis
  • GC Products & Applications
  • Scion GC/MS for Environmental, Food Safety and Petrochemical Applications
  • Database Management


This event was another in a series of road shows currently moving across the southern U.S. by Bruker Corporation highlighting multiple divisions of the company and the associated technologies.

Paul Dawson, the series manager for Bruker, stated: “We are very pleased with the response so far to these shows.  With direct interaction in the areas where our customers live and work, we are focusing on providing the latest application techniques for the industries of each given region.  In return, we receive tremendous amounts of information from customers on their latest challenges and successes, and how we can work together in developing new resolutions.  What a great way to show we’re already here and how we can work together even more.”

George Stanley was also pleased with this symposium.  George stated: “I was very impressed with the turnout and positive user response for the hands-on part of the workshop.  Getting to see and work on a variety of instruments with the Bruker experts at your side is a unique opportunity that most of us rarely get.  I know that I learned quite a bit about some analytical techniques that I wasn’t especially familiar, which goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks!   I hope this becomes an annual event and that the hands-on instrument workshop is expanded to include more systems and techniques.”

If you are interested in participating in a future road shows of this caliber, please send your inquiry to:  paul.dawson@brukeroptics.com.  We may be in your region very soon!