WEBINAR: Strategies for Migrating from Reactive to Proactive Control Using FT-NIR

Dairy_newsletter_afterEvent_200x200The ability to rapidly analyze incoming raw materials, provide timely in-process testing results and final product quality measurements, is imperative to profitable operation in a modern dairy plant.

FT-NIR techniques have evolved to the point where one analyzer multiplexed with solid and liquid probes can simultaneously measure fat, protein, moisture, lactose and total solids in seconds on liquid milk entering a spray dryer as well as on the powder exiting the spray dryer, providing timely and accurate feedback that enables improved proactive control of the spray drying process.

This webinar will look at the use of FT-NIR technology at-line, inline and online in the dairy plant and provide insight into how to assess critical measuring points, and to match the correct solution to the measurement need.

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