WEBINAR: FT-NIR Technology for Process Control in the Food Industry

Blog_DairySeries_june2013_afterEvent_200x200The production of any product is a chain of different engineering processes – from the raw materials, over preparing and production steps until the finished product is ready for delivery. Only an error-free progression through each of the single steps guarantees a product of sufficient and constant quality. The analytical control of all raw materials, intermediates and the products is a major issue in all kind of industries. Often classical off-line analysis methods such as HPLC, GC or wet chemistry methods are used. However, this comes with disadvantages; the most significant of these is the high expenditure of time and cost for the analysis. For most, even a laboratory with skilled personal is required.

Quality control during the process

In the Dairy industry the production capacity of plants is still increasing dramatically and therefore the process control becomes more and more important. In addition the quality demands are increasing while the margins are still low. Here the quality is not only important for the customer but even to avoid losses by bad quality batches. There are many applications like

  • Monitoring of milk and milk based products in dairy processes, e.g. feed of a spray tower and control of the milk powder on protein, fat, total solids and lactose.
  • In-line analysis of frying fats
  • Control of the fat content in chocolates to guarantee optimal viscosity and fluid behavior during production

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