WEBINAR: Ensure Quality of Milk and Dairy Products – From Farm to Refrigerator using FT-NIR

Newsletter_DairySeries2013_200x200The ability to rapidly analyze incoming raw materials, provide timely in-process testing results and final product quality measurements, is imperative to profitable operation in a modern dairy plant. Today, many labs are stuck in an inefficient cycle, employing one instrument to measure protein, fat and solids for incoming milk or whey, another for in-process testing of liquids, slurries and solids and yet another set of tests for the assessment of product quality parameters. Each of these instruments requires some combination of on-going maintenance, chemicals/solvents, and multiple tests performed by a trained technician.

This webinar will introduce a new solution: The Bruker Dairy Analyzer. Lightning fast analysis, based on modern infrared technology and an integrated Liquid Sampling Module (LSM) will dramatically improve your efficiency. The LSM employs automated sampling and homogenization (if required), allowing for streamlined analysis of many dairy products including, but not limited to: Raw, skim, processed and condensed milk, cream, and even ice cream with high total solid and fat concentrations.

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