WEBINAR: State-of-the-Art Spectroscopic Analysis of Dosage Forms



John Richmond, Ph.D.
VP NIR & Process Technology
Bruker Optics, Inc.
Thomas J Tague Jr., Ph.D.
Applications Manager
Bruker Optics, Inc.

There are many attributes of drug tablets that are important for delivery and efficacy. Spectroscopy can be an important tool in determining content uniformity and distribution of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) as well as detecting counterfeits, assessing production, and implementing a real-time release (RTR) strategy, and ensuring safe delivery. In this webinar, we will discuss the role of F-TIR, FT-NIR and Raman spectroscopy in the characterization of solid dosage forms, including:.

  • API distribution by Chemical Imaging
  • Content Uniformity testing
  • Stability monitoring
  • Online Content Uniformity for real-time release
  • Counterfeit detection

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