WEBINAR: Next Generation NIR Spectroscopy for Dairy Industry

Dean Roberts, Director of Sales, NIR & Process Analytical Technologies – Bruker Optics

Reduce laboratory costs, increase analysis speed, and obtain significantly enhanced precision and accuracy with the next generation Near Infrared spectrometers.

The ability to rapidly analyze incoming raw materials, provide timely in-process testing, and final product quality measurements is considered a requirement for profitable operation in a modern dairy plant. Many labs employ one instrument to measure protein, fat and solids in incoming milk or whey, another for in-process testing of liquids, slurries and solids and yet another set of test for assessment of product quality parameters. Each instrument used requires on-going maintenance, reagents in some cases, and in some cases multiple tests are required to perform assays of protein, fat, salt, lactose or other components in the final product. Add to that the requirement of maintaining training programs for laboratory personnel, and the initial purchase price of each piece of equipment.

Bruker’s MPA (Multi-Purpose Analyzer) is a FT-NIR instrument capable of performing assays on liquids, slurries, grated samples, and solids using a single instrument. The MPA FT-NIR provides unparalleled precision, accuracy, and long-term stability, has very low maintenance costs, and is very easy to operate. The MPA FT-NIR can replace multiple instruments and other laboratory apparatus leading to significantly reduced footprint in today’s crowded laboratories. In this presentation you will learn how the MPA can accommodate multiple sample matrices, what precision and accuracy can be attained and how easy and inexpensive instrument maintenance is. In addition you will see the ease of operation of the instrument, and how laboratory staff can be fully trained in instrument operation in less than an hour.

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