WEBINAR: Next Generation FT-NIR Spectroscopy – Black Box or Expert System?

John Richmond, Vice President NIR & Process Technology – Bruker Optics, Inc.

This webinar will explore many of the common myths and misinformation about modern NIR spectroscopy and explain clearly and concisely the following issues and how they relate to everyday analysis in the Agriculture, Feed and Food (AFF) sector:

  • Critical comparison between the different technologies employed
  • Comparison between digital and optical resolution
  • The importance of getting good signal to noise in your spectra and Good NIR Practice (GNP)
  • How to build Reliable, Rugged and Robust calibrations – the 3R’s
  • Transflectance versus Transmission – which is better for rendered fats and IV of oils & fats

This webinar will appeal to lab managers, researchers and analysts in the AFF market sector.

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