WEBINAR: FT-NIR Spectroscopy: Combining Performance, Precision, and Simplicity


Presenter: John Richmond – VP NIR & Process Technology – Bruker Optics

On Demand Webcast:

Simplicity. This is probably not the word that typically comes to mind when describing the combination of high precision Fourier Transform Near Infrared spectrometry (FT-NIR) and advanced chemometrics. What if a system existed that was not only as easy to use as your iPad or iPhone, but also enabled you to make rapid quantitative and qualitative measurements of products from pharmaceuticals to animal feed? This webcast will introduce a new FT-NIR instrument, with a low cost of ownership, that we believe can transform the way you currently analyze samples. We will present applications from the life sciences, chemical, polymer, feed, and food industries to demonstrate the accuracy and precision of the analysis in comparison with the primary methods. In addition, we will explain how to transfer data and existing calibration sets from older technology platforms, such as scanning monochromators, using advanced mathematical routines (i.e., piecewise-direct standardization). This applications-based presentation will take you through the entire process, from sample optimization and data collection, to developing your own multi-evaluation methods (or transferring existing calibrations), thus providing you with a sound knowledge base for implementing this system and enabling you to properly interpret the multivariate results.

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