Tango’s small footprint, repeatability ‘wows’ at Wheat Quality Council meeting

The TANGO made a stop at the 2012 Wheat Quality Council’s annual meeting and technical conference last week in Kansas City, MO. Top level managers from wheat production, flour milling, and cereal/bakery applications experienced what FT-NIR has to offer.

“Normally FT-NIR is pretty bulky, but the Tango is very compact and they also integrated the computer into the instrument, which is a plus,” says attendee CJ Lin, vice president of research and quality assurance at Mennel Milling Company. “In terms of function, the Tango’s repeatability is really good.”

The Council offers advice to and support for State Wheat Quality Labs and USDA-ARS Wheat Quality Labs. It is now testing the milling and end-use qualities of Hard Winter, Hard Spring, Durum and Soft Wheat nationwide. The meeting provides a forum for breeders, producers, traders, and industry members to discuss issues related to the evaluation of wheat quality.

“Everyone currently using NIR was interested to learn that existing data and calibrations are upwardly mobile with the TANGO,” says Dean Roberts, Bruker’s Manager of Food, Feed and Agriculture Business. “I didn’t realize just how important it is to this industry to have an instrument that does not require a cooling fan.” Previous generation NIR systems have cooling fans located either in the instrument itself or in the power supply. Maintenance is routine as the filters continually need to be cleaned, and in extreme cases, could be a fire hazard if very fine powder builds up in the system. “The TANGO eliminates these issues as it does not require a cooling fan,” says Roberts.

“All of Bruker’s FT-NIR analyzers employ a cast metal frame to provide durability, and to serve as a large heat sink. This provides excellent instrument stability in both laboratory and at-line installations without the maintenance hassle of dealing with dust filters, fans, and associated temperature drift.”

See the Tango in action at the Bruker Booth #1207 Midwest Poultry Show, March 13-15 at the St. Paul Convention Center. To register for a free pre-show educational seminar on Tuesday March 13th Room 6,”Optimize the Use of NIR: Reduce Costs and Improve Feed Quality,” please click here.

Animal feed NIR expert, Tony Pietrantonio, president of Caltest, will talk about classical wet chemistry laboratory results versus the accuracy of NIR results. A fully operational quality control program will answer, “How good is my NIR?” Tony will also talk about how to get the most out of your NIR testing program and will describe how to work with a third party NIR management firm to audit NIR and referee laboratory procedures, and to certify compliance with ISO/AOAC requirements.

For more information, see “Tango is coming ‘NIR’ to you.”