Tango’s Conformity Index simplifies blending

Bruker’s Conformity Index provides a simple way for mill operators to monitor the progress of a blending operation.

The Conformity Index doesn’t require calibration because this program compares the spectral variation of samples to a target. Poorly blended samples will show large deviation, whereas homogenous samples will have very consistent spectra.

With the Tango, manufacturers can build their production on anticipatory control principles. If the raw materials are thoroughly screened and the blending operation is monitored, the final product will have more lot-to-lot consistency. Mills will have more thorough and efficient programs for labeling verification and validation testing.

The primary benefit of upgrading to FT-NIR is improved accuracy and precision of the results. With a lower error in the measurement, mills can more tightly control the nutritional content of their feeds and reduce giveaway. They are able to implement more complicated measurements, such as energy content in the grains or digestibility of forages used for feed production.