Tango imports all your existing feed data

Time is money and a feed mill’s existing calibrations and data are priceless. Because your feed data is what separates you from your competition, all existing calibrations from an old testing system and its data are easily imported into the Tango FT-NIR Spectrometer—No downtime and no lost productivity.

Current feed analysis systems on the market require complicated standardization procedures. Samples are scanned on the master system and then the same samples are shipped to wherever the remote system is installed and scanned again. The data set from the remote system then is matched with the data set from the master system to “standardize” the system, a tedious and expensive process.

With the FT-NIR, every instrument is a master and instrument standardization is never required. Samples never need to be sent out for comparison to a master because of a direct transfer of calibration files.

Sharing data is seamless with FT-NIR. Depending on how the system is configured, a mill can use an Ethernet connection or a USB stick and share data in real time. A product manager in the office can view testing results while an operator is running a sample at the mill. The TANGO is also network capable with a SQL database for remote access.

See the Tango in action at the Bruker Booth #1207 Midwest Poultry Show, March 13-15 at the St. Paul Convention Center. To register for a free pre-show educational seminar on Tuesday March 13th Room 6, “Optimize the Use of NIR: Reduce Costs and Improve Feed Quality,” please click here.

Animal feed NIR expert, Tony Pietrantonio, president of Caltest, will talk about classical wet chemistry laboratory results versus the accuracy of NIR results. A fully operational quality control program will answer, “How good is my NIR?” Tony will also talk about how to get the most out of your NIR testing program and will describe how to work with a third party NIR management firm to audit NIR and referee laboratory procedures, and to certify compliance with ISO/AOAC requirements.

For more information, see “Tango is coming ‘NIR’ to you.”