Pet food industry gearing up for the FDA’s new Foreign Supplier Verification Program

Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods at FDA, gave 2012 Petfood Forum attendees an overview of new regulations coming from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), highlighting that FMSA applies to pet food manufacturers as well as food manufacturers.

Establishment of preemptive controls and a new Foreign Supplier Verification Program are two key components of the new regulation.

FT-NIR has long been used in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry to screen incoming raw materials for identity and quality. One of the key components of their vendor qualification programs is to verify that they are getting what they expect.

They also use FT-NIR to monitor the lot-to-lot consistency of deliveries, such as vitamin pre-blends, active ingredients or excipients. Often, manufacturers coordinate with their suppliers to scan a new lot and electronically send the FT-NIR spectra to them for approval before releasing the material for shipment.

Pet food companies are now considering how to take advantage of the speed, ease of use and wealth of information obtained with FT-NIR technology in developing their Foreign Supplier Verification Programs.

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