NIR expert is always within reach

Small feed mills that want the benefits of NIR technology but don’t have the budget for a full-time employee now have the option of remote third-party NIR management.

Bruker Optics has partnered with Caltest, a well-known company that manages a network of calibrations in the feed industry.

How it works: Caltest plugs into a feed mill’s network through Tango and remotely monitors NIR instruments and calibrations; audits NIR and referee laboratory procedures; develops and improves NIR calibrations; tests, certifies and grades calibration performance and certifies that a mill is compliant with ISO/AOAC requirements.

Tango and Caltest remotely monitoring your system make your NIR program simple and easy to use.
See the Tango in action at the Bruker Booth #1207 Midwest Poultry Show, March 13-15 at the St. Paul Convention Center. To register for a free pre-show educational seminar on Tuesday March 13th Room 6,”Optimize the Use of NIR: Reduce Costs and Improve Feed Quality,” please click here.

Animal feed NIR expert, Tony Pietrantonio, president of Caltest, will talk about classical wet chemistry laboratory results versus the accuracy of NIR results. A fully operational quality control program will answer, “How good is my NIR?” Tony will also talk about how to get the most out of your NIR testing program and will describe how to work with a third party NIR management firm to audit NIR and referee laboratory procedures, and to certify compliance with ISO/AOAC requirements.

For more information, see “Tango is coming ‘NIR’ to you.”