MPA FT-NIR analyzes liquids, solids, ground samples or whole products

Bruker Optics’ FT-NIR Multi Purpose Analyzer (MPA) analyzes liquids, solids- easily switching between transmission and reflection by computer control.

The operator does not need to physically swap out modules, which allows for ease of use and improved system stability. Finding a place to store modules that are not in use is also not an issue with the MPA, and that eliminates the potential for optics contamination or damage to the module.

The MPA transmission channel controls the temperature of fats and oils during measurement. This provides reproducible spectral data, a critical requirement for accurate and precise fat quality measurements. The predictions for moisture, insolubles, Iodine Value (IV) Unsaponifiables

(MIU) and free fatty acids (FFA) are far more accurate when all samples are measured at the same temperature.

Liquid samples can be measured in the sample compartment using disposable vials, but also directly in their container using a fiber optic transmission probe.