Is it time to upgrade your NIR?

The Tango FT-NIR simplifies NIR analysis of animal feed and supplements. No sample preparation, chemicals or additional reagents are necessary — and results are instant.

A whole or ground sample is placed in a measuring cup without any sample preparation. Simultaneous results for proximate and for supplements are returned in seconds. Giving feed mill operators the tools they need to optimize feed mixes. . The level of accuracy and precision of the NIR result is directly related to the level of cost savings as tighter testing means less giveaway.

Your feed mixes are only as good as the raw materials that go into them, and Tango breaks it all down. Testing raw materials is quick and easy and instant analysis verifies for example, if the amount of protein in your raw material matches what is promised on the specification. If the protein value is lower than the minimum specification value, a feed mill can file a claim with the supplier and receive a credit. The increased performance of the new generation FT-NIR means tighter control of the supply chain and makes it possible to easily verify that you get what you paid for.

Knowing the composition of what you are working with and using the Tango to check samples drawn during the blending process helps create a homogenous mix that isn’t over or under blended, and can save energy costs by knowing exactly when to stop the process. Real-time results reduce rework and improve lot-to-lot consistency. Samples don’t have to be sent out to a testing lab and wet chemistry testing isn’t necessary. Testing with the Tango eliminates the guess work, lessens the chance for human error, saves time and lets operators know when a feed mix is on target so that mills benefit from anticipatory control rather than finding out after the product is made that a product is out of specification and needs to be sent for rework.

See the Tango in action at the Bruker Booth #1207 Midwest Poultry Show, March 13-15 at the St. Paul Convention Center. To register for a free pre-show educational seminar on Tuesday March 13th Room 6,”Optimize the Use of NIR: Reduce Costs and Improve Feed Quality,” please click here.

Animal feed NIR expert, Tony Pietrantonio, president of Caltest, will talk about classical wet chemistry laboratory results versus the accuracy of NIR results. A fully operational quality control program will answer, “How good is my NIR?” Tony will also talk about how to get the most out of your NIR testing program and will describe how to work with a third party NIR management firm to audit NIR and referee laboratory procedures, and to certify compliance with ISO/AOAC requirements.

For more information, see “Tango is coming ‘NIR’ to you.”