How much is your current system costing you?

Costly repairs, downtime for ongoing standardization updates and operator errors are not a good return on investment. Current analysis equipment on the market uses holographic grating technology, which requires rapid movement of optical components to scan across the spectral range to obtain test results on feed samples. Vibrations and light impact the performance of grating technology systems. and so these variables must be managed to get accurate readings.

Tango’s footprint is portable, lightweight and built to go where you need to test. Its sturdy housing is designed to take the abuse of testing locations and always deliver precise measurements. The Tango’s design philosophy is simple: It’s better to exclude errors from the beginning rather than correcting them afterward.

Tango is insensitive to vibrations and temperature changes. Unlike classical flat mirror technology, Cube Corner technology offers a crucial advantage: unbelievable precision of the optical path. Another advantage is that FT-NIR is independent of ambient light. A sample can be put directly onto the Tango for measurement without opening any doors or drawers.

Cost of ownership is lower than current machines on the market because of fewer repairs, and Bruker Optics is backing its interferometer with a 10-year warranty.

See the Tango in action at the Bruker Booth #1207 Midwest Poultry Show, March 13-15 at the St. Paul Convention Center. To register for a free pre-show educational seminar on Tuesday March 13th Room 6,”Optimize the Use of NIR: Reduce Costs and Improve Feed Quality,” please click here.

Animal feed NIR expert, Tony Pietrantonio, president of Caltest, will talk about classical wet chemistry laboratory results versus the accuracy of NIR results. A fully operational quality control program will answer, “How good is my NIR?” Tony will also talk about how to get the most out of your NIR testing program and will describe how to work with a third party NIR management firm to audit NIR and referee laboratory procedures, and to certify compliance with ISO/AOAC requirements.

For more information, see “Tango is coming ‘NIR’ to you.”