11 ways Tango improves feed mill testing

  1. Ensures that the incoming ingredients meet specifications so that you get what you pay for
  2. Screen incoming ingredients to ensure that you don’t get more than you pay for such as unexpected synthetic adulterants
  3. Monitor blends to determine exactly when its evenly mixed to avoid over-blending and to save energy costs
  4. Verifies final product quality to ensure consistency and increase customer satisfaction
  5. Creates traceability and accountability for quality assurance, quality control and regulatory programs.
  6. Improves performance and efficiency for users with multiple systems in a network.
  7. Eliminates sample prep.
  8. Imports your historical NIR data from older platforms
  9. Eliminates the need to standardize individual systems because every system is a master.
  10. Track product quality from incoming raw materials to finished products.
  11. Organize data by product, parameters, shift, operators, time, day or whatever is important and then review with statistical quality control programs so that data becomes knowledge